Schumer Just Betrayed Trump Big Time, So Trump Struck Back And Took Him Down

We all know that Democrats want nothing more than to either oust our President from the office we elected him to, or to make sure he cannot accomplish anything we, the People, elected him to do.

One thing that they’ve been doing, behind the scenes, is making sure that many of Trump’s  Executive nominees  could not get to work.  Again, this has been work we elected him to accomplish.

Senate Dems used tactics to slow down the important work Trump nominated these executive officials to do, during the battle for healthcare. They literally obstructed important work, just as a tantrum!

According to the Wall Street Journal,  Chuck Schumer said “[n]ow that health care is over, I have told Leader McConnell we will agree on a robust package of nominees.”  “When they weren’t doing regular order on health care, we’re not going to do regular order on the things they want.”

Seriously, folks?!  Isn’t this why we elected Trump?  To drain the swamp, to get this country moving again. These so-called “representatives” act like nothing more than big babies.

The good news is that these obstructionists finally cleared the way for Trump’s good work to  begin.  66 were  confirmed on Thursday, with more expected.  These executive nominees are expected to get Trump’s agenda moving forward on very important things such as advancing Trump’s plans to overhaul the tax code and ease financial regulations.

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Source: Liberty Writers

3 Replies to “Schumer Just Betrayed Trump Big Time, So Trump Struck Back And Took Him Down

  1. The liberal Democrats and wayward Republicans really don’t get it. These people were elected to do the work of the people not obstruct it for their own personal gain and their payback to special interest. The message will get out so that in 2018 and for thereafter, the Democrats will be relegated to local government, if they are lucky. People like Schumer and Pelosi and many of the pundits of Congress who have corrupted Washington politics and are long overdue to be removed from office are genuine reasons for establishing Term Limits to help clean the cesspool in Congress.

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