Liberal Media Launches Targeted Attack on Sean Hannity

The left is on yet another witch hunt… and this time, they’re after Sean Hannity’s career.

A liberal activist group known as Media Matters was partially responsible for the campaign to oust Bill O’Reillyfrom Fox News. Now, the same organization has set their sights on Hannity, and he needs conservative support.

According to The Daily Caller, articles and graphics on Media Matters’ website make their crusade against the popular pundit extremely obvious.

“The page directs Media Matters’ leftist supporters to a petition page where they can help ‘Stop Sean Hannity’ by sending the message to his advertisers that they ‘will get burned if they continue to associate with Hannity,’” the Daily Caller reported.

While O’Reilly was embroiled in a scandal involving allegations of sexual harassment, Hannity’s supposed “crime” is much more tame: He supports President Donald Trump.

“Sean Hannity is functioning as a propagandist in order to advance a political agenda in support of Donald Trump,” a hysterical Media Matters post stated.

“At this point, if a company is sponsoring Sean Hannity’s show, it’s essentially supporting a Trump propaganda operation,” the activist group continued.

As part of the smear campaign, Media Matters has used social media to attack Hannity. Some of the posts use decades-old controversial statements allegedly made by Hannity, but don’t provide the full context.

Money talks, and the longtime conservative commentator has already had a handful of advertisers pull out of his Fox News show.

“Hannity’s primetime Fox News show at 10 p.m.  — which consistently earns stellar ratings — has been a constant voice of support for President Trump amid a sharply critical media environment,” explained the Daily Caller. “Hannity’s unflappable support for Trump has made him a prime target for Media Matters and other activists on the left.”

It’s time to push back against leftist-led attacks on conservative commentators. Boycotts work both ways… and if Media Matters and its allies are not careful, they just might upset the hornets nest of Americans who vote with their dollars.

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Source: Conservative Tribune

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