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While On Vacation, Trump Took Time To Do The ONE THING The Democrats Didn’t Want Him To

President Trump just ripped Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-CONN) today – while he was on vacation. Trump exposed Blumenthal’s fake military history that he tried to use a while back. This should make everyone reading this sick.




Game. Set. Match. President Trump just ripped this little cry-baby coward, again. It’s not the first time that he has torn apart lil’ baby Blumenthal. Here is the infamous moment that

Here is the infamous moment that Blumenthal doesn’t want anyone to remember. He faked his Vietnam War service and lied about being captain of the Harvard swim team.

Trump attacked the senator in February during a presser. Here is the awesome moment below.

This is why the swamp hates Trump. He tells the truth and exposes all their fakery. What they are doing to him is disgusting and we will welcome the moment that he starts taking these losers down.

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Source: Liberty Writers

3 Replies to “While On Vacation, Trump Took Time To Do The ONE THING The Democrats Didn’t Want Him To

  1. President Trump has more spunk and aggression against these Democrats and Rinos who go after him. They will
    be exposed for who they really are before this whole thing is done. They might regret the day they made up this
    story to bring TRUMP down! OBAMA, HILLARY and the whole left liberal Democratic party with the MSM will
    all get what is coming to them.

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