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WAR PATH: Trump Just Threatened To Do UNTHINKABLE To Venezuela

When Donald Trump saw the Civil War erupting in Venezuela, he didn’t simply turn his back. No sir, President Trump marched up to the reporters, looked into the dead center of the cameras, and declared with confidence…

He is considering a possible military option to deal with Venezuela.

In case you were unaware, Venezuela is a socialist Hell Hole run by a dictator name Maduro who delights in the slaughter and starvation of his own people.

And when the reporters pried WHY Trump would consider military options, he said: “They are close.” Now, before you freak, it makes sense. We send troops to the Middle East but we cannot defend our neighbors (and stop a refugee crisis). That’s ridiculous.

To put the icing on the cake, the President of Venezuela actually called Trump an hour after the Press Conference and Trump REFUSED to take the call! Oh, and then he made a Press Release from the White House about his refusal.

Love him or hate him, nobody cannot say Trump is not a tough guy willing to fight for what he believes in. If you agree with Trump on Venezuela, share this out and let him know America backs our President.

Source: Liberty Writers

One Reply to “WAR PATH: Trump Just Threatened To Do UNTHINKABLE To Venezuela

  1. By not being able to come to power in a violent way by the means of arms; the monarchies of Stalinist ideologies of Latin America using the paths of democracy, are installed in power to establish their tyranny unequal. Very soon we will see another attempt in Colombia.

    You have to ask the government of Havana Cuba, until when will they follow their actions of establishing in America totalitarian regimes, which by their very characteristics lead the countries to their destruction as we see Venezuela today.

    If the government of the genocide Nicolas Maduro and the opportunist group that accompany him, does not stop in a short time counted by the thousands killed in this government.

    Latin American countries that love democracy must be filled with courage and truth; these monarchies of Stalinist ideologies will never allow, that by peaceful means the people return to govern democratically. The example we see in Cuba at the distance of 60 years where the dream of a Cuban is to leave the country because for them there is no future.

    Armed intervention is the only way to return order, peace and democracy to Venezuela, Or allow Maduro’s government to murder thousands of citizens in their perverse desire to keep a group of Lustful in power.

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