Black Pro-Trump Pastor Stuns MSNBC Anchor With Reason Why White Supremacists ‘Gravitate’ Toward Trump

Pastor Darrell Scott, the CEO of President Donald Trump’s National Diversity Coalition, got into a fiery exchange with MSNBC anchor Stephanie Ruhle over the president’s most recent remarks on the violence that erupted in Charlottesville, VA. He left the host visibly surprised when he argued that the media caused white supremacists to “gravitate” toward the president by repeatedly labeling him a “racist.”

Scott claimed Trump condemned all violence and the racist groups in Charlottesville, but it’s never good enough for his critics.

“It seems as if the only hate speech that is tolerated in America right now is hate speech against Trump supporters,” he said. “I’m called a coon, a sellout, an Uncle Tom on a regular basis by members of the left that claim to be decent, moral, upstanding citizens.”

Ruhle pointed out that Republicans and members of Trump’s own administration condemned the president’s comments during the much-talked about press conference. Scott responded by claiming there are members of the GOP who still don’t support an “outsider” like Trump, and they never will.

“The media chose that candidate for them,” he said. “Everyone wonders why the white supremacists gravitate toward Donald Trump. [It’s] because from the outset of his campaign… the left-wing media labeled Donald Trump as a racist, as a white supremacist. Because of that, the racists and the white supremacists, they heard that message and they said, ‘Well, if he is indeed that, then he is our candidate of choice.’”

Ruhle, who couldn’t mask her disapproval of the statement, ended the interview there.

Source: Conservative Daily

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