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EXPOSED: Trump Was Just Handed The ONE Thing He Needs To End Obamacare For Good

If you thought Obamacare was helping people save money, think again. In a shocking new development, financial evidence is proving that the terminally flawed healthcare program is not only difficult for American citizens, but now even the insurance companies are running for the hills.

Oscar Insurance Corporation, for example, is a health insurance startup that primarily sells Obamacare plans. But in merely the first half of 2017, Oscar Insurance has lost a whopping $57.6 million. Amazingly, this number is far less than what they suffered in the first half of 2016, posting a ridiculous $83 million loss.

To mitigate some of its financial hemorrhaging, Oscar followed the lead of many other health insurance providers and reduced its exposure to the Obamacare state exchanges in 2017. The company raised premiums and lowered the number of doctors and hospitals within its network,   and officially decided not to expand offerings in more states next year.

Even more damning for Obama’s failed venture is the total exodus of many major health insurance providers, including Aetna, Humana and Blue Cross Blue Shield. But why wouldn’t they jump ship when it’s almost immediately profitable.

Just look at UnitedHealthcare Group’s quarterly profit, which skyrocketed after the insurance provider drastically downsized its participation in the Obamacare exchanges.

The company’s profit rose by 35% in the first-quarter of 2017, and expanded nearly every aspect of its operation.

This is EXACTLY why President Trump has been warning Americans to steer clear of the Obamacare trap. Not only does it hurt the people it’s supposed to be helping, but now we have PROOF that it’s also hurting American businesses. The sooner we get rid of this sloppy mess of a system, the sooner we can move forward with a legitimate and longstanding solution. That is what President Trump is working tirelessly to achieve and he needs our support!

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