UNBELIEVABLE: Antifa’s New Secret Weapon Will Have Everyone Screaming “Lock Them Up”

Pretty much every sensible person in the country at this point realizes that Antifa is a dangerous and sadistic organization looking to terrorize the public. If bats and pepper spray were not enough, now they have added a new secret weapon to their “arsenal”.

Antifa has started throwing balloons and water bottles full of Urine and Poop!

That’s right, these America-hating heathens have sunk to an all new low in the name of Anarchy. They have no concern for public safety and, frankly, do not care one bit who they are attacking.

If you want proof, Antifa attacked super-liberal Katie Couric’s camera crew at the Charlottesville riot just because they had cameras. Maybe if they are that afraid of being seen, they shouldn’t be doing whatever they are doing.

The tactic has been showing up so frequently in their assaults that Boston PD issued a urine warning to the rioters.

This is not even remotely okay. These people are inspiring hate, violence, and racism at unprecedented levels. I’m sure y’all heard about the navy seaman who was STABBED by an Antifa for having a “Nazi Haircut”. Here is the guy:

These people cannot be allowed to continue unless we want to see our country fall. If you think it’s time for Jeff Sessions to lay the hammer down on all the violent radicals: Antifa, Neo-Nazis, KKK, New Black Panthers, Moors, and all the rest, share this out and let the world know.

Source: Liberty Writers

13 Replies to “UNBELIEVABLE: Antifa’s New Secret Weapon Will Have Everyone Screaming “Lock Them Up”

  1. this behaviour looks more and more like an attempt to have martial law invoked. We must grt obama and Soros and their many copy caters under control.

  2. Open fire on them; they aren’t protestors, they are being paid which, as someone do eloquently wrote yesterday, THEY ARE MERCENARIES. They aren’t fighting for a cause they believe in they just want to fight, to hurt people. They are rabid animals that should be PUT DOWN!

  3. Shoot Them as The Terrorist Dogs They are, They are not worth Feeding in a Cell, Take them Straight to Hell, Pick up their Bodies with Front end loaders and Put them in Dump Trucks, Take them to a Mass Grave And erect a Sign, Here Lie the Terrorist that attacked Civilization, Add number of Terrorist and Date it occurred, no names. It wouldn’t take many times, even These Retards would learn Crime Doesn’t Pay!!!!

  4. Send the Marine Corps Veterans in and citizen arrest all ANTIFA thugs that have their faces covered and have weapons and balloons filled with Urine and fecal matter. Others will be left alone as long as they don’t try and block traffic or contact other protestors. These Marines took an oath when they joined the military to protect this country from both foreign and DOMESTIC TERRORIST WHICH ANTIFA IS . Anyone wearing a Mask in public and carrying any type of weapon is illegal in every state in the country it’s been checked and verified. The police will be there as observers , however no city’s will be able to be sued as they are not doing the arrest. These Marines under the Direction of Marine Generals Mattis and Kelly will be given the authority to arrest these people wearing masks and carrying weapons.

  5. If you fear for your life, is it time for all who are licensed to lock and load. If someone is throwing a possibly lethal byproduct of the body, on my person, do I have the right to shoot?

  6. The urine attack upon public must be treated as an attack with a delay weapon since there’s aid, sika and many other viruses can be easily spread through urine fluid. This is absolutely disgusting and have to be a fellony

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