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Democrat That Called For Trump Assassination Just Got SLAPPED With Ultimate Karma

Missouri State Senator Maria Chappelle Nadal thought that her Facebook comment calling for the assassination of our sitting President would just slide. On Thursday, she deleted it.

Maria Chappelle-Nadal was removed from his committee assignments on Tuesday.

She was then visited by the Secret Service, evenABC reported on it. Chapelle-Nadal tweeted out the Holocaust threat to Jewish Missouri Governor Eric Greitens.

Last Friday, Missouri Lt. Governor Mike Parsons told Chapelle-Nadal to step down. If she didn’t, he would work to remove her.


Senate Democratic Caucus leader Sen. Gina Walsh issued the following statement.

Sen. Democratic Caucus Gina Walsh issued the press stating that Chappelle-Nadal’s committee would be removed on Tuesday.

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She is calling for the assassination of the head of her government. Get this out there.

Source: Liberty Writers

5 Replies to “Democrat That Called For Trump Assassination Just Got SLAPPED With Ultimate Karma

  1. This is sedition and should be met with strict penalties…..more strict than mere removal from committees and office. She should be charged, tried, and then jailed as a felon with no chance of ever holding pub lic office again.

    1. I agree! but we know that will never happen because of her skin color…which they always get away with…if it had been a white person they would have been at her door immediately and cuffed her and the libs/dum-rats would have hollered so loud we would have been woken from our sleep…double standard , when will we wake up as Americans and shout what these creatures are doing, they have all the rights and we have none. we need to make our voices heard NOW!!!!

  2. she needs to be arrested and charged ! she admitted it .. it’s against the law and should pay the price ! saying sorry won’t get it ! if it were me i would already be in jail !

  3. U.S. laws.,…Some people can and will say hateful things about anybody and get by with it,,,unless…that is the person being slandered know their constitutional laws which the courts are (suppose) to uphold. Threatening to kill someone or having them murdered, assassinated , telling bold face lies about someone is extremely illegal in this country. We are going to have to start getting the courts involved. Lawyers will take cases on Continent, esp. if we sue for a few million.
    Christians will quote me the Bible, but they are often times the most guilty.

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