CONFIRMED: Obama Is Already Planning His Comeback

Obama’s return is being carefully constructed because he wants to resurface politically, but without anyone noticing that he is in charge.

His shadow government has proven to be a failure, as well as creating another universe where he is the only boss. Sadly it looks like his only hope is remaining the face of the Democratic Party. Obama must be extremely strategic with his efforts because not too many people are interested in Obama Part 2.

Obama plans to come back onto the scene slowly by first hosting fundraisers. Although his main goal is getting liberals to believe that he is their only savior and everyone else falls short

As reported by The Hill:

Obama clearly does not get the hint. Most retired presidents give speeches, play golf, open libraries, and do charity work.

He declared war on the Police as well as doubled the national debt, his work is done. Liberals like to say Obama left office without a single scandal, but what about all the other things he did like free terrorists from Guantanamo and then laundered money to fund their operations over seas, buried billions of fake environmental funds, as well as invest billions with failing companies promising to bring us greener energy solutions.

Liberals obviously can’t count. The anti-Obama rhetoric brought enough people together to put Trump in office and the right will lash out if Obama returns to office.

Obama’s best bet is campaigning for other Democrats, such as Ralph Northam who is running for governor of Virginia.

The Daily Caller reported:

Support of Obama will stir up Trumpers as defeating the left remains one of our top priorities.

Source: American News

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  1. Come on back & finish off The DEMOCRATIC Party! We’ll let him handle PresTrump’s light work! I won’t be watching anything he does cuz he really gets on my last nerve! He thinks he’s a big man but he’s a little Communist in a free Democratic Nation!

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