Kasich Makes Shocking Party Switch In Order To “Unite Our Country”, And It’s Not What You Think

People have accused John Kasich of being a RINO (Republican in name only) for quite some time. He has insulted President Trump at every step of the way. After President Trump’s speech in Phoenix, Kasich scolded him and then made a big announcement.

“I’ve repeatedly encouraged POTUS to unite our country. It was disappointing that last night in Phoenix, he once again refused. After all, what greatness has America ever accomplished by tearing down its own? We must all unite for a common goal: A stronger America,” tweeted Kasich.

According to a report from Axios, John Kasich will be running in 2020 with Democratic Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper. They will be running as independents. They have already made a series of joint appearances together. They also plan on releasing a joint health care plan.

They are also working on a jobs plan that will focus on workforce training to deal with automation. The idea that robots will be replacing all the jobs soon. It will also contain “an optimistic and hopeful message, balanced with an honest admission that some jobs just aren’t coming back.”

What do you think of John Kasich’s party switch? Are you surprised or did you see it coming? For more information you can read about it here.

Source: Conservatives 101

31 Replies to “Kasich Makes Shocking Party Switch In Order To “Unite Our Country”, And It’s Not What You Think

  1. I think it is pathetic that he will leave the party for the reasons he has. He is just jealous that TRUMP won the election. I don’t think the people in his state will vote for him again because he was elected as a Republican. I can hardly wait to see if I am right!

    1. Yes I agree with that he’s jealous,he also has a bad temper I noticed that in debates,but I also heard that he’s on Hillarys pay roll with four others to keep President Trump from health care taxes so he won’t get anything done John McCain stopped it Wickieleaks reported he was paid

      1. You know I thought John Kaisch had something really “off” about his whole demeanor during the campaign. I suspected that he was a kind of One World Government lackey. I wouldn’t vote for anyone that goes travels in or with that bunch. That’s definitely a vote for more of the same & worse, much worse.

    2. He should of been a registered dumacrat and run as one he has never truly been a conservitave liberal for sure he acts like a little boy that has had his toys taken away after having a tantrum he is a truly phony say one thing and mean something entirely different he just can’t fathom the ideal that he didn’t walk away with the presidency of USA in reality he lost bigtime.

    3. As a Bernie believer-Kasich is THE ONLY REPUBLICAN I COULD LIVE WITH!

      I did finally choose “Corrupt oVer CraZy:

      jimmy Carter- And BIG OBAMA supporter… I’ll be an independent, hell ya!

      Pot And gay rights..not 12 white men deciding womens rights-not a racist or liar


  2. The “President” of Ohio has spoken! Another establishment hack that just doesn’t get it! So, here you go John; we peons, you know, regular, hardworking taxpayers are sick of swamp critters like you scamming us. Your history! PLEASE fade away….



  5. KASICH is such a liar – he is on board trying to help destroy President TRUMP – the president that the people put into office. The Liars in the SWAMP DON’T CARE THAT THE AMERICAN PEOPLE SPOKE. I BELIEVE MOST OF THEM ARE SOCIALIST-COMMUNIST.

  6. Another stupid ass stepping up to show what a dumbadumbass he is:: after all the stupid shit he has done n said he thinks he can get elected president n screw up the rest of the country instead of just one state these dumbasses will never get a clue doesn’t seem like::: his head is so far up his ass he can probably see what he had for breakfast dumbass

  7. Fools ,so thirsty for power that they will destroy themselves .Kasich never was nothing but a socialist…………..

  8. He must not be very intelligent because his IQ is surely getting revealed with his views on how to unite America. It is more accurate to say he is on the side of those who want to overtake our freedom.

  9. THEY ARE SO OUT OF TOUCH WITH REALITY. They can not get PRESIDENT TRUMP, so now they are going to play “musical parties” to try and get one up on the other liars. Problem is, nobody wants, needs, or cares about any of these losers. We all know their same old run of the mill speeches, tired plans, New “?” Ideas, innovative economic breakthroughs, yada yada yada, blah blah blah, lie lie, lie, obumer this, obumer that, yeah, yeah, yeah, We know!!! We know!!!! But Kasich did say one thing, robots can do the jobs, cause the jobs are not coming back anyway!!!!! That’s the way to motivate the work force for jobs and better wages, Kasich. Real smart,!!!!

  10. l keep hoping Trumpers will form their own party and will comprise o people who wants America based on the FOUNDING FATHERS FOUNDATION and The Constitution is the sole basis for laws. I would like to see government that had real men and women who love their country administering equity and getting rid of those who are greedy ghouls, lining their own pockets with no regard to the people they are supposed to be representing. I honestly believe both parties have longed proved they care nothing for the country or the people … therefore a new day needs to dawn with those who want to see their country free of the stranglehold Repubs and/or Demos have on this country. I believe the biased TV news has its agenda to turn the people against each other in order that the establishment grabs more power. It is time to reason together.

    1. Historical references. In about the same time that Obama was in office as POTUS, the old Whig Party imploded and from it rose the new Republican Party… that produced the POTUS (Lincoln). From genesis to POTUS. Without the internet, telephone, telegraph (just starting) and mainly by print and word-of-mouth. In fact, the internet and smart phone have been “weaponized” in this respect. My point is that without abandoning “consumerism”, nothing will change. People are conditioned by it .. and will wait until some Hegelian “false-choice” is presented to them. By-and-large, they have lost the ability to create their own solutions from whole cloth. They must “shop” for them at a rhetorical Walmart… or… they simply do not exist.

  11. I’m not surprised that he is turning his back on the Republican party. Running as an independant, along with someone who thinks like the Democrat he is, will only reaffirm what type man John K. really is. I think President Trump will chew these two up and spit them out. It will be interesting to watch. Trump still has my vote.

  12. Maybe his running for president will show the country that we are no longer interested in fake politicians. 50% of the Republicans are rhinos and 100% of democrats are insane. So, let him run. Let everyone run. People are tired of politician bullshit. We are determined to set term limits and vote everyone out that is in the WH in November 2018. There are a few we’ll have to deal with, (maybe), till 2020, but the people are getting louder!

  13. You got that right Michael Moeller! I’m happy to see someone understands that Soros is behind all the shanigans going on in our country now and throughout the primary and whole election process. He has never stopped the harassment, even now. Soros is Obummers and Killary’s best friend. But our President will never give up fighting for our country.

  14. Hahaha. Article is proof … that Postmodernist bias is a disease that infects all people — irrespective of politics. The solution for left-right PSYOPS is ….. (drum roll here) …. MORE PSYOPS. We cure racism with more virulent racism. “We had to destroy the village, in order to save the village”. What to do when all the answers in a multiple-choice exam are false. The assumption (Postmodern) is… rationalize a wrong answer, while others say, “get more answers”. This plays on the hopeless addiction of Western culture (especially Americans) to “consumerism”. If the solutions are not home-delivered, in the comfort of someone’s living room like a pizza delivery, well … there are no solutions. The bewildered herd (Lippman) will become like the proverbial “deer-in-the-headlights” on the political highway. LOLL. But sad. Kasich = Wall Street. Max Keiser of RT’s “Keiser Report” has an episode (#?) showing Kasich in action in re: Ohio pensions. But, in true Postmodern fashion …”the enemy of my enemy is my friend”… right? No. Postmodernist bias is your true enemy. If you can dupe people into accepting “2 + 2 = 5”, you can do just about anything. Those that make you believe absurdities ..can make you commit atrocities. And as always ..the best way to control the opposition ….. is to become the opposition. Btw, this method is not always nefarious. Lincoln got elected by splitting the Southern Democrats who, if they weren’t such Postmodern dupes themselves, could have elected Douglass who would have given the antebellum South everything they wanted and more. Glad Lincoln used the metric in a constructive fashion. Why studying history is important. For an illustration of this, see, Youtube… Harry Jaffa v. Tom DiLorenzo on Lincoln. Great debate.. and exposes the Libertarian PSYOPS for what it is: Postmodernist bias. Revisionist. Freedom = Slavery.

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