VICTORY: Obama’s IRS Conservative Targeting Scandal Just Got EXPOSED…This Is UNBELIEVABLE

Remember when Obama’s IRS was accused of purposefully targeting conservative groups? In 2013 a whistleblower claimed that the IRS was purposefully delaying conservative groups’ nonprofit status for months or years. Since those revelations came to light, conservatives have been trying to hold IRS officials accountable.

Progress is finally being made. One of the groups that sued the IRS over the allegations, True the Vote, had a victory in the courts last week in their four-year-old lawsuit.

The US District Court for District of Columbia ordered the IRS to release the names of the employees involved in targeting conservative groups, explain why those groups were targeted, and look for more records of possible targeting within IRS databases.

True the Vote president Catherine Engelbrecht was delighted at the court’s ruling, telling the Washington Examiner :

“We’ve come so far, and I believe that we are going to bring this thing to a head. I believe we will see the IRS correct its ways, and as to accountability, I’d love to see some perp walks.”

This new court order, which is set to be executed by October 16, 2017, could finally shed some light on the inner workings of Obama’s IRS, and the people behind the targeted attacks could finally be held responsible.

Even so, Englebrecht stressed that knowing the names of those responsible is not enough- she wants to see policies in place that make sure this does not happen again:

“That’s our whole goal — it’s to make sure this viewpoint discrimination can never occur again. It is procedurally prohibited.”

“That they admit what they did was unconstitutional and won’t happen to an organization, an individual, doesn’t matter your political party preference. The IRS has been weaponized and needs to be put back in the box.”

The targeted attacks on conservative nonprofits during Obama’s presidency was totally sick. Thank God we are finally seeing some justice after four long years. SHARE this out to expose this scandal,

SHARE this out to expose this scandal, because we sure as heck know the MSM isn’t going to!

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  1. I think there have been many real laws broken in this process, that can have life changing results to those involved. Like long stretches in real prison. Whoever was involved. You know the same exact process was used in Harry Reid’s Senate. Harry just set all the bills the Republican Congress had submitted to the Senate on a desk, never to be read, or dealt with. Same thing IRS did to applications, didn’t approve or deny their request, just set it aside and let them rot. So someone with the authority over those 2 groups had to come up with that approach. His name is Obama.

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