CNN’s Ana Navarro Compares President Trump To Communist Cuba For Pardoning Arpaio

CNN’s Ana Navarro just compared President Trump to the cruel Cuban Dictator Fidel Castro for Pardoning Joe Arpaio. Even though Castro was known for imprisoning people, not for letting people free. And President Trump is in absolutely no way a communist, if anything, he is the epitome of capitalism.

“I think the message he sent with this pardon are chilling, frankly. First, let’s talk about the message to the Latino community — I don’t care about you. He has to understand the symbolism of Joe Arpaio for so many of us, certainly not all of us, and Trump has his supporters within the Latino community, a lot them my friends in Miami,” said Navarro.

“But for the vast majority of Latinos, Sheriff Joe Arpaio is a symbol of discrimination, anti-immigrant sentiment, abuse of power, and this is the guy that Donald Trump chose to pardon,” said Navarro. Arpaio was only against illegal immigration. But apparently Navarro likes to conflate all Latinos with illegal immigrants.

“I also want to talk about the message to law enforcement. You know what differentiates us from places like Maduro’s Venezuela or Castro’s Cuba or Duterte’s Philippines? Here government officials are held accountable when they behave like thugs,” said Navarro.

“The message he’s sending with this pardon to other government officials, to other law enforcement officials is a very bad message,” said Navarro.

Source: Conservative 101

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