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BREAKING: Sheriff David Clarke Resigns From His Post, See Why He Did It

Sheriff David Clarke has just now resigned, says the Chicago Tribune. Milwaukee County Clerk George Christenson said on Thursday that he got a resignation letter from Sheriff David Clarke.

Here is what Sheriff David Clarke about Charlottesville. He supported his response and was one of the very few people to do it.

There is no explicitly named reason for David Clarke’s resignation. His spokeswoman has not immediately responded to telephone messages and emails. Clarke rose to national prominence in May after announcing that he’d taken a job at Homeland Security. It was never confirmed. He withdrew his name later.

Share this if you hope that Sheriff Clarke got a job at the Trump administration.

He would do a wonderful job helping to bring law and order to this country. What do you think, y’all?

Source: Liberty Writers

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  1. Sheriff Clarke is an exceptional man who believes in justice…..thank God that he fights for the people’s rights upholding law and order. I pray that God will bring him to the Trump team because this country needs him.

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