Ann Coulter Attacks Trump For Trying To Lower Taxes, Calls It The Worst Thing He Has Done


Conservative firebrand Ann Coulter launched a surprising attack against President Trump after hearing his speech on tax reform. She wrote a barrage of tweets about how he didn’t run for President on tax reform. She went as far as to call it his worst speech ever.

“WTF! Why is @realDonaldTrump back to tax cuts? His election was NOT about tax cuts. Has he been talking to @SpeakerRyan again?” tweeted Coulter. “This isn’t a “once in a lifetime” shot at tax cuts! EVERY GOP cuts taxes! This is “once in a lifetime” shot to save US: Wall & deportations!” she said.

“Bush cut taxes! Did it create millions of jobs? Nope. The rich pocketed their tax cut & sent jobs abroad, hired guest workers. F– them. It’s so obvious Trump’s only getting polite applause for tax cuts. Want to get the crowd hollering, @realDonaldTrump? Talk about THE WALL!” said Coulter.

“It’s like Night of the Living Dead watching our beloved @realDonaldTrump go to DC & start babbling the same old GOP nonsense on tax cuts. Cutting taxes doesn’t do a damn thing for wages if you allow businesses to keep bringing in cheap foreign labor! To create jobs for AMERICANS, no more cheap foreign workers, CUT REGULATIONS & cut corporate taxes. (NOT income taxes.)” tweeted Coulter.

“This is the worst, most tone-deaf speech @realDonaldTrump has ever given. Jeb! had better ideas,” tweeted Coulter. Ouch! What do you think of President Trump’s tax reform ideas?

Source: Conservative 101

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