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Antifa Thugs Never Want You to See Their Faces. So Let’s All Share Their Sad Mug Shots

Antifa is a violent, anti-fascist protest group with deep roots in the political left. The disparate, loosely organized factions of the group are peppered throughout the country and show up at events that they deem ‘fascist’ in order to disrupt and often engage in criminal behavior.

A detailed list of what antifa stands for is hard to pin down, but it is certainly anti-Trump, and the group’s tactics typically involve the destruction of property and violence towards innocent civilians.

That violence has resulted in a number of antifa arrests over the past few months. Last weekend, marauding mobs of antifa thugs descended upon UC Berkeley’s campus in California in protest of a prayer event. The antifa members systematically hunted down and beat innocent civilians in the street, assaulting journalists, veterans and police officers along the way.

 The behavior was enough to even getNancy Pelosi to disavow them.

It also landed a number of antifa members behind bars.

It’s important to note that since antifa members engage in illegal criminal behavior, they typically cover their faces with masks so as to not be identifiable.

Unfortunately, Emily Gillespie did not cover her face this weekend when she assaulted a reporter.

Here is the footage of the assault:

As she was being arrested, Emily said this:

Emily is a sophomore at UC Berkeley, studying Environmental Science, according to a fundraising page for her. Now, she is in the public recordas being arrested. Here is her mug shot:

Since antifa are typically masked cowards, we thought it might be nice to show all of the mug shots of those arrested this weekend here:


And according to CBS SF, here are their identities:

Seth Vazquez, 25, of Berkeley, Mark Misohink, 23, of Oakland, James Dominic, 23, of Oakland, Kristopher Wyrick, 39, of Alpine (San Diego County), Harlan Pankau, 38, of Jamul (San Diego County), Levi Smith, 32, of Sparks, Nevada, Sean Hines, 20, of Santa Rosa, Brittany Moorman, 26, of Oakland, Yesenia Mendez, 22, city unknown, Emily Gillespie, 22, of Berkeley, Sean Dougan, 47, of Portland, Oregon, Rachel Moore, 40, of Oakland, Joshua Phillips, 36, of Oakland

These winners were arrested in Phoenix violently assaulting police: 

Screenshot/Fox 10 Phoenix

From Fox 10 Phoenix:

“Phoenix police say some people in the crowd began throwing rocks, bottles, and other projectiles at police officers and someone in the crowd dispersed tear gas in the area.

[…]Police say Daireus Latravus Stokes, 18, was arrested for three counts of aggravated assault on police, three counts of disorderly conduct, three counts of threatening and intimidating, and one count of resisting arrest.

Pamela Ann Robertson, 25, was arrested on one count of aggravated assault on police and Derrick Gilbert Pacheco, 34, was arrested on one count of disorderly conduct.

Many people forget that over 200protesters were arrested during Trump’s inauguration. While there is no way to confirm if those people were members of antifa, there is a reasonable likelihood that some of them are. So we are going to share some of their mug shots here, just to be safe:

These, from a Portland protest the same day, are the real winners:

Thanks for all the great content, antifa. Keep ‘em coming; we’ll keep posting.

Source: Conservative Daily

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