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Watch: BLM Activist Goes on Tucker…Instantly Sees She’s Made Mistake of Her Life

Another Black Lives Matter activist was taken down by Fox News host Tucker Carlson on Tuesday night, and it was a clear example of how illogical liberals can be.

Attorney LaDawn Jones appeared on Carlson’s show, where she expressed support for Patrisse Cullors, a Black Lives Matter activist who has made statements claiming that President Donald Trump is practically the embodiment of German Nazi leader Adolf Hitler.

Carlson and Jones discussed how dangerous it was to compare Trump to Hitler, with Carlson pointing out that groups like Black Lives Matter would have no voice in Hitler’s Germany.

However, Carlson was especially interested in getting Jones to recognize the racism that exists within groups like Black Lives Matter.

Carlson backed her into a corner like a pro and leaves her no way out. This is probably about the time she realized it was a mistake coming onto the show.

This woman is a joke.

The takeaway here is that Jones knows it is racist for a Black Lives Matter event to exclude people of any color from attending any event.

Carlson brought up the fact the there have been documented black-only events, and asked her how she cold be part of a group that excludes people from events based on the color of their skin.

“It’s the definition of racism to prevent people from coming to something based on how they look, based on their race … how can black lives matter commit racism and be against it at the same time?” he asked.

It was a tough question that Jones could not answer.

Of course it’s racist, but Jones was not going to admit that to Carlson, so the activist did what leftists always do— changed the subject. She actually had the nerve to say that harmful intent was necessary for racism to exist, to which Carlson could only laugh.

In this video, Carlson points out the clear hypocrisy of liberal hate groups like Black Lives Matter.

Source:  Young Conservatives

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