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While Everyone Was Watching Trump, No One Noticed Melania’s INCREDIBLE Offer To All Victims Of Harvey

President Trump and Melania went to Texas on Tuesday to check out the damage from Hurricane Harvey and offer words of support and encouragement to the victims of the storm.

President Trump gave a rousing speech detailing how the federal government is doing the utmost to help the disaster, working with state and local authorities to make aid as effective as possible. Check out this small part of his awesome speech:

Less publicized was Melania Trump’s statement about the event, a sensitive piece in which she offered to do anything she could to help those in need after Harvey:

“The effects of Hurricane Harvey will be felt in Texas, Louisiana, and other parts of the country for many months and years to come.”

“So far, 1.7 million people are under orders to evacuate their homes, and, as the floodwater in Houston rises, sadly, so will the number of evacuees.”

I want to be able to offer my help and support in the most productive way possible, not through just words, but also action.

“What I found to be the most profound during the visit was not only the strength and resilience of the people of Texas, but the compassion and sense of community that has taken over the state. My thoughts and prayers continue to be with the people of Texas and Louisiana.

The media must have written ten thousand stories about the shoes Melania wore on her way to Texas, but seems not care as much about her beautiful words of support and compassion to those in need.

Let’s combat the haters and spread her message far and wide!

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