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Melania Proves to the Left That She Owns Two Pairs of Shoes…Again

Earlier this week, President Donald Trump and his wife, Melania, traveled to Texas to meet with Gov. Greg Abbott to discuss a Hurricane Harvey relief strategy. To the left’s disgust, Melania boarded the plan to Texas wearing stilettos.

What seemed like the entire internet blew up in abhorrence, claiming she was “out of touch” with the victims only to find out she changed into tennis shoes once she landed in Texas. You would think the left would have learned its lesson that Melania might just own more than one pair of shoes, but it didn’t.

Saturday, Melania left the White House again, wearing high heels as a big middle finger to her haters:

Here’s how Twitter reacted the second time:

And then, Melania got off the plane in Texas and proved once again she owns more than one pair of shoes:

Once again, the haters have been silenced.

Source: Conservative Daily

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