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US Commander in Iraq Tells You Everything You Need to Know About Trump’s Support for the Military

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As North Korea continues to test nuclear weapons despite the United States issuing countless warnings, tensions are on the rise and there is concern about how President Trump will handle the difficult situation. But one U.S. commander in Iraq has been nothing but impressed with the president and his dealings with the military.

When asked how decentralization was helping, Lt. Gen. Stephen Townsend answered:

“I will say that the current administration has pushed decision-making down into the military chain of command. And I don’t know of a commander in our armed forces that doesn’t appreciate that. I’ll — I’ll prefer not to go into specific examples.

I will say that probably a key result of that is that we don’t get second-guessed a lot. Our judgment here on the battlefield in the forward areas is trusted. And we don’t get 20 questions with every action that happens on the battlefield and every action that we take.

And again, I think every commander that I know of appreciates being given the authority and responsibility, and then the trust and backing to implement that. So, that’s what I’ll say.”

Although his opposition will always find something to complain about with Trump’s handling of the military, there’s no denying that he is loved by service members and respected for the way he has handled things so far.

Source: Conservative Daily

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