Alyssa Milano Glibly Mocks Harvey’s National Prayer Day, Immediately Regrets It

Actress Alyssa is another liberal celebrity who can’t seem to control what comes out of her mouth. The D-list celebrity thinks it’s funny to make fun of the people who are praying for Hurricane Harvey victims.

We all know that President Trump has declared Sunday as a National Day of Prayer for those affected in Hurricane Harvey.

Well look at the nasty thing that Alyssa Milano said in this retweet.

What did she just say? National ***hole day?! Wow. That was one of the worst things I’ve heard someone say about something as serious as this. People have suffered so much due to Hurricane Harvey and it is quite sad to see these celebrities think they are above everyone else.

But things get good…

Karma strikes her when her fans suddenly started to turn on her for this nasty tweet. Take a look:

Alyssa Milano lost many fans over the disgusting thing she said about National Prayer Day. She deserves it for being such an idiot!

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Source: TheLutchManReport

6 Replies to “Alyssa Milano Glibly Mocks Harvey’s National Prayer Day, Immediately Regrets It

  1. who do you think you are? And why do you insult someone suggesting prayer…OH I KNOW, its trump and you are one of the ones who said you would leave if he was elected. So, why are you still here has been? Inquiring minds want to know

  2. I used to watch Alyssa Milano on “Who’s The Boss,” and I loved that show and its characters. I also particularly liked her and Tony Danza because they are Italian-Americans, as am I. The next time I saw Milano on TV was when she starred in “Charmed,” and I did not like the slutty costumes she, as well as the other two “sisters,” wore, and I thought less highly of her. Now, after the horrendous, godless comment she made, I realize that she is the complete “assh**e,” NOT President Trump or people who pray. BTW: Since Trump is President, why are you and all of the other jackass celebrities still here? Trust me when I tell you that we aren’t stopping you from leaving our country, and we certainly will NOT miss any of you lousy liberal morons!!!:-(((

  3. I use to love this girl when she was the adorable little girl being raised by a single father on Who’s The Boss and O even watched Charmed just because of her but after this, I can she who this piece of shit really is. I will pray for the for her because she is clearly going to burn in hell and that is her own fault.

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