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Trump Just Held Meeting With Pelosi And Schumer And Suddenly Did UNTHINKABLE With Them

President Trump just went around the Republicans to strike a deal with Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi. The President agreed to move the debt limit to December.

Trump met with Congressional leaders on Wednesday at the White House.

President Trump shocked the nation with the announcement and has really turned the Republican establishment on its head. They have not been able to pass legislation that can help working Americans.

According to Politico, President Donald Trump on agreed with Democrats to raise the debt limit and to fund the government for three months.

Trump also agreed with Democrats that Republicans should pass a Hurricane Harvey relief package along with a three-month debt increase.

Share this if you are proud of Trump for working hard despite the failure of the Republicans to get anything done.

Thank God that we have a President that cares about the people and not Hillary Clinton right now.

Source: Liberty Writers

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