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AMEN: Sarah Huckabee Sanders Just Told The World What Keeps Her Fighting Every Day…And It’s BEAUTIFUL

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders gives a press briefing nearly every day, and she always brings her A-game- fielding wacky and hostile questions from leftist reporters without missing a beat.

Check out a compilation of some of her best moments here:

She has such a tough job and, despite being a strong and accomplished woman, gets so much flak from the left. How does she do it and keep her cool day after day?

Sanders recently gave an interview with the Washington Times describing the nature of her job and what exactly keeps her going- and it’s incredible. Here’s what she said:

“I knew there would be a natural tension between the press and the administration, but I have been surprised by the level of hostility I sometimes sense when dealing with the press.”

She continued:

“I’m here to help the president promote his agenda, and I stay focused on that and not let other people bring me down.”

And then finally:

“I also rely on my family and my faith to keep my spirits up on the tough days.”

Sanders is a woman of deep faith- she prays daily, as she says “in the best of times and the worst of times,” and reads a devotion before every press briefing. Her faith in God and her close family (with three small children at home, she is the first working mother to hold her White House position) is what helps her stay so calm and collected at work every day, and we couldn’t be more impressed!

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Source: Liberty Writers

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