Reporter Asked Florida Gov if He’s Worried About Losing His Beach Home. His Next 5 Words Define Leadership

Rick Scott mansion Naples Daily News

Hurricane Irma has already displaced millions of Floridians even before making landfall this weekend. Thousands stand to lose their homes and the state is bracing for billions in damages.

One of the Floridians who could lose their private properties is the governor of the state, Rick Scott.

Scott, who has received high marks for his handling of the impending crisis as governor, has owned a home in Naples, Florida, for years. Naples is in the direct path of the hurricane, and stands to see its beachfront destroyed, along with many of the homes which sit on it.

Here is Scott’s private residence:

The house could see 10 to 15 feet of storm surge from Hurricane Irma. When asked if he was worried about the destruction of his home Sunday, Scott replied: “I just can’t imagine it’s not going to have water all through the whole house.”

The governor then said five words that show where his priorities lie:

“It’s nothing new… you can replace a house.”

According to the Miami Herald, the governor then described where his true priorities and worries are as the storm moves up the coast:

“I was more worried — my daughter just had two little babies. She’s further inland, and so I was more worried about her.”

His daughter Allison, her husband Pierre and their five sons — including two-week-old twin boys — had evacuated to the governor’s mansion in Tallahassee on Friday to join Scott and his wife, Ann.

But now with the capital city poised to be in Irma’s path on Monday, Scott told reporters they didn’t stick around.

“They actually went to D.C. today,” he said. “They had come up here but it doesn’t make sense — when it looks like we might be hit up here — for them to be here, especially with five little boys.”

In the midst of the storm, these are the real priorities.

Source: Conservative Daily

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