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CNN Viewers Fear for ‘Poor’ Reporter’s Safety as Extreme Winds Batter Her During Live Irma Coverage

CNN reporter Sara Sidner definitely earned her stripes reporting on Hurricane Irma from Daytona Beach early Monday morning.


As the reporter made her report, wind gusts of up to 70 mph battered her during live coverage, making for some surreal live television.

Her reportage drew the attention of viewers who were concerned about her safety, as loud winds made it nearly impossible to hear her talk in parts.

What could be made out from her report had viewers concerned.

 “This is incredibly strong,” Sidner said. “These are the strongest winds that we have seen,” she continued while fighting to remain upright, “since we have been here on the beach throughout this entire event.”


“The winds are slamming the beach area, really, really hard,” Sidner struggled to get out, while getting tossed backward by the winds herself. “I’m having a hard time just talking to you. The wind is pushing on the (inaudible) so hard…”

Those who saw the footage reacted strongly:

Watching Sara Sidner on #CNN hold onto a balcony for dear life is just too extra. Poor thing shouldn’t have to risk her life that way. Lawd.


Thankfully, Sara Sidner made it to safety after her report, which even drew safety concerns from subsequent CNN broadcasters. But not without leaving the internet with some truly harrowing and remarkable Hurricane Irma footage.

Source: Conservative Daily

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