REJECTION: Right Before Hillary New Book Was Released, Amazon Did Something To HUMILIATE Her

Hillary Clinton just got a very NASTY surprise from Amazon (and Walmart) hours before her new book, “What Happened”, is set to come out.

The book was SUPPOSED to be selling for $30.00 a piece. However, before they even hit the shelves, Amazon and Walmart both put her new book on the 40% off rack!

Oh man, this is the kinda stuff you couldn’t even make up if you tried. Maybe it is just another sad attempt by her to boost her numbers and make it seem like America didn’t reject her.

Did you notice how it already has the “Best Seller” tag? That’s funny since it hasn’t even gone on sale yet. It makes me wonder if she just bought a bunch herself and put them all in the empty, extra $2 million house she bought in DC to rent to the Secret Service when she “became President”.

To be totally honest with y’all though, the things Hillary Clinton is doing right now are not the actions of a rational person. Turning on her party, doing campaign rounds, pushing a book nobody wants. These are all signs of someone who is financially BROKE.

Now, I cannot say for sure if Hillary Clinton is broke, but take a minute to think about all the money she spent on that extra house, and the fireworks for her win, and her legal defenses, and her dirty little campaigning tricks. Would it be that surprising if she and Bill were in debt to their knees?

Source: Liberty Writers

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