NYT Reporter Asks Sanders Which Part of Hillary Clinton’s Book Wasn’t Accurate — Regrets It Immediately

During Wednesday’s White House press briefing, Sarah Huckabee Sanders was asked several times to comment on statements made by Hillary Clinton either in her new book or during her efforts to promote it.

Sanders responded by saying Clinton had used her book to make mischaracterizations and drive false narratives.

 Toward the end of the briefing, New York Times reporter Mark Landler asked Sanders for specific examples:
“Since you raise the issue of Mrs. Clinton’s book having a false narrative and false accusations — could you point us to a couple specific accusations in the book that you believe are factually incorrect?”

Sanders pulled no punches in her quick response:

“I think probably the biggest one is any place within the book where she lays blame for her the loss on anyone but herself.”

That had to hurt.

Source: Conservative Daily