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Nikki Haley Dropped the Scariest Warning to N. Korea Yet, Says Next Step Is ‘Kicking It’ to Mattis

The U.S. ambassador to the U.N., Nikki Haley, was at the White House briefing Friday afternoon.

In her opening remarks, Haley made sure to savage North Korea for its repeated nuclear and ICBM missile tests. Haley noted that the U.S. and the U.N. have saddled the hermit nation with crippling sanctions.

“We have strangled their economic situation,” she said. “They continue to be provocative. They continue to be reckless. At that point, there’s not a whole lot the Security Council is going to be able to do from here, when you’ve cut 90 percent of the trade and 30 percent of the oil.”

 Haley paused for a moment, and then said (emphasis added):

Having said that, I have no problem kicking it to Gen. Mattis because I think he has plenty of options. 

What could that mean? Have a look into Mattis’ eyes for a clue:

Watch below.

Source: Conservative Daily