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Issa Rae Drops a Red-Hot Bomb on Emmys Red Carpet: ‘I’m Rooting for Everybody Black’

As everyone prepares for Sunday night’s Emmy Awards on CBS, the celebrities walked the red carpet. As they walk into the venue, it’s their chance to show off a fabulous new look or make waves with a wild soundbite.

And as the festivities were just kicking off, “Insecure’s” Issa Rae delivered on the latter, in spades.

When asked who she was rooting for regarding the awards, Rae dropped an absolute stunner:

Variety reported:

“Rae’s show “Insecure,” featuring a largely African American cast, failed to garner any Emmy attention this year despite critical acclaim. Despite this, she added that she’s pleased with the number of people of color that are nominated this year. “You have so many people behind the camera and behind the scenes that are committed to telling authentic, real stories that haven’t been seen on television before and you have audiences embracing it because they’re tired of seeing the same old, same old stories. So it’s just a pleasure to be among such great company.”

Rae was immediately attacked on Twitter:

One thing is for sure: Despite her stunning red gown, what Rae is going to be remembered for is that comment — for a good long time.

Source: Conservative Daily