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Right After His Speech Earlier, Netanyahu Gave Trump The Gift Of A Lifetime

President Trump crushed the speech to the United Nations today. Like totally, totally crushed it. He appeared fearless in front of the international body. He slammed the terrorists of Hezbollah, he described the horror of socialism, the murderous Iranian regime, Obama’s embarrassing Iranian nuclear deal and North Korea’s “rocket man” Kim Jong Un. Watch what he said about Socialism!

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu gave the best description of Trump’s speech. Israeli Prime Minister called Trump’s address the bravest and best speech he’s ever heard.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called Trump bold and courageous.

Trump spoke the cold hard truth about the international body.



What wonderful comments from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu!? I’m glad to see our great ally Israel openly backing Trump at the United Nations.

Help share this everywhere if you loved the President’s speech today. The media and Facebook and Twitter and all those hate machines won’t let people talk about how amazing it was. We finally have a President that stands up for us and demands fairness among all countries.

We have footed the bill for too long.

Source: Liberty Writers