Breaking: Bill O’Reilly Says He Might Come Back To Fox News

Despite having been banished from Fox News by 21st Century Fox CEO James Murdoch over sexual harassment allegations, former superstar host Bill O’Reilly has been keeping active running his own programs on his website and promoting his bestselling line of Killing books.

However, it is clear that O’Reilly is not satisfied with his homemade media efforts and is itching to get back to big league television broadcast. In a recent interview with Sean Hannity to talk about his latest book Killing England, O’Reilly hinted that a return to Fox News could be in the works, after all.

On the show, Hannity brought up the subject of the sexual harassment chareges, and explained how such charges are often used in the media world to bring down voices like O’Reilly’s that don’t go along with the media’s liberal bias. Sean stated how they try to “pick off one person at a time,” which is something “they could never get done at the ballot box or electorally, what they could never get done legislatively.”


Hannity concurred, and said, “We crushed CNN and MSNBC. Crushed them.” Then Hannity point blank told Bill, “I think you should come back.” O’Reilly pooh poohed Sean, asking, “You want to drag me back into the swamp, Hannity? Is that what you’re telling me to do?”

Sean then said he thinks Bill wants to come back, saying, “I think you want back in the swamp, and I think you’d love it back in the swamp.” Bringing up how much his fans want him back, Hannity added, “Would you consider at some date coming back to Fox?” O’Reilly did not dismiss this question at all, but merely answered, “I have to get this legal stuff done. I have to get this investigation done. This is where I’m putting my energy.” Do you think O’Reilly should return to Fox News once he clears his name legally?

Source: Conservative 101