When Melania and Michelle First Gardened at the White House, The Difference Was the Shoes They Wore

Today, for the first time as first lady, Melania Trump gardened in the White House vegetable garden. The garden was established in 2009 by Michelle Obama and has been the location of many events during her Let’s Move! campaign promoting healthy eating. Melania joined the Boys & Girls Club to pick fresh vegetables out of the garden.

First Lady Melania Trump was later critiqued online for her fashion choices. It turns out the shirt that Melania Trump wore today was expensive. Articles attacking the first lady for her fashion decision were written with headlines likethis:

However, the same people who are having a panic attack over Melania’s expensive shirt might be interested in what Michelle Obama wore her first time gardening at the White House.

When Michelle Obama gardened in 2009, she wore these very fashionable Jimmy Choo boots, according to the Telegraph.

According to the Jimmy Choo website, the price tag for a comparable modern-day version is $1,150.

That’s a pretty pricey pair of boots to be slogging around in the mud.

On the contrary, Melania Trump wore a $50 pair of Converse shoes today.

So depending on how you look at it, Michelle Obama is the really out of touch first lady gardening. Her shoes were potentially $1,100 more expensive then Melania’s. This also is not the first time that’s happened.

Perhaps the lesson we should all learn here is that a first lady is a human being with a lot of pressure on her and we should stop trying to attack them based on their fashion choices.

P.S. All first ladies wear expensive things, idiots.

Source: Conservative Daily