Tennessee Just Gave Obama and Welfare Leeches the Finger

Obama messed up big time and now the issues of his presidency weigh on Trump’s shoulders.

The former Obama government tried to implement work-requirement waivers for food stamps that were enacted by Congress in the response to the 2008 financial meltdown.

The primary goal was to allow states to waive the government demand that capable individuals need to work, study, or train for a job to receive benefits.

But in 2015 seven years after the economic crisis, 42 states still weren’t able to remove full or partial work-requirementwaivers for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program. But gravy-train riders ran out of luck in the state of Tennessee, and the state will implement the much-needed reform. Gov. Bill Haslam, who is a well-known Republican made a public announcement that the Volunteer State will restore the work requirements ten long years after they were waived.

Most Tennessee counties starting on Feb.1 2018 will require from capable adults who don’t have any children to work 20 hours a week, study or train, or even volunteer. Beneficiaries will have a 90 days deadline to follow the new rules once they take full effect. Bill Haslam announced, “How do we with a straight face say, ‘Oh, there’s still extraordinary circumstances in Tennessee that still demand a waiver’? Absolutely not.”

“When we hit record low unemployment three months in a row, then it comes a time to look around and say, are we doing everything the right way? We looked at this and thought, it’s hard to justify a waiver,” Haslam added.

Nearly 58,000 food stamp beneficiaries in Tennessee will feel the consequences of the new regulations. According to Fox News, 13 Alabama counties were affected by a similar change which led to an 85 percent decrease in able-bodied adult food stamp beneficiaries who did not meet the requirements between January and May this past year. A 58 percent drop was recorded in three counties in Georgia with these kinds of work requirements.

“We support the governor’s goal of enabling more people to be fully employed at good wages, and that’s what SNAP families want, too,” Michele Johnson, the official leader of the Tennessee Justice Center, said to Bill Haslam. She added, “The fear has been, and remains, that unless this new policy is implemented carefully, local food retailers will suffer, church pantries will be overwhelmed and hunger will increase.”

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