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Active Duty US Army Quartet Responds Directly to NFL Protesters — Leaves America With Chills

The annual National Quartet Convention on Monday hosted the U.S. Army Quartet, comprised of active duty service members, to perform the national anthem in a direct response to the anthem protests across the NFL.

“If would not mind, would you mind standing to your feet. There are a group of active servicemen who have taken leave to come and perform for us tonight,” a speaker said, introducing the quartet. “And they are going to perform our national anthem.”

The result was a chilling performance of “The Star-Spangled Banner.”

In a statement provided to Independent Journal Review prior to the performance, the NQC said the “display is a DIRECT result of the disrespect that has been shown to military, the flag and the USA – NQC and its attendees plan to show that they know how to respect, honor and show gratitude.”

In other words, there is no question the NFL protesters were being responded to directly.

Watch the brilliant, patriotic performance below.

Source: Conservative Daily