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James Mattis Was Just TARGETED In Vicious Attack, Look Who’s After Him

Early Wednesday morning, just hours after our Secretary of Defense, James Mattis, landed in Afghanistan, a rocket attack happened at the airport where he’d JUST landed in Kabul.

This was a surprise visit by Mattis, which is really troubling, considering the fact that the Taliban and ISIS are both taking credit for the attack.

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40 to 45 rockets hit the airport, less than 2 hours after Mattis was right there!  Thank God, Mattis was out of harms way by the time the rockets hit. In fact, no U.S. personnel were injured.

Three people allegedly involved in the attack were killed by Afghan special forces, according to an Afghan Interior Ministry spokesperson.

Mattis has already spoken, saying “an attack on an international airport anywhere is a criminal act by terrorists.” He said it’s designed to “go after innocent people to make some sort of statement…”

I’m very troubled by the fact that Mattis’ visit was unannounced.  So how did the attackers know he was going to be there?  Obviously, thank God, they didn’t have the timing of his arrival just right. But it was way too close for comfort! So it is it only the Taliban/ISIS that’s after him?  Or someone closer?

If you’re glad Mattis is OK, and if you want this looked into further (as in, who leaked), please, Share and comment “find the leak!”