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The President Just Revealed The Border Wall He Has Been Building In SECRET

Back during the campaign, the President promised the American people that he would build a wall between the US-Mexico border. Since then, the leftist media has been on a relentless assault saying he would not go through with it. There is just one problem…

Trump is busy building the wall right now. In fact, today was the first day of construction of several new prototype walls in San Diego.

Each Prototype will be 30 ft high by 30 ft long, with some using concrete and others trying “other materials.”

The Customs and Border Protection Agency will then be combing through the prototypes and deciding which, if any, will become the new border wall between Mexico and the United States.

They said they may even pick several and combine them to “inform future design standards” for the Wall itself.

Clearly, this is proof positive that Donald Trump has managed to keep his promise to build a border wall between the US and Mexico, one way or another.

The media wants everyone on the right to believe he lied about his intentions so his supporters turn on him. The proof is right here, so let’s share it out and let the world see what a Great American Wall looks like.

Source: Liberty Writers