GREAT AGAIN: What Trump Is Set To Ban Has All Conservatives Cheering, Libs Are Furious!

Are you ready for this one, folks? It’s a doozy!

President Donald Trump is set to BAN ABORTION after 20 weeks. Can you say big league!?

Here’s the one small, teeny, tiny, infantisimal catch. Both the House of Representatives and Senate actually have to do their jobs and pass the bill.

Don’t forget, Republicans own both – yes, both – houses of Congress. This should be a no-brainer. Right?


The bill is sponsored by Arizona Republican Trent Franks. The House will vote on October 3.

According to The Daily Wire, this legislation is a “high priority” for America’s 45th president – as you’d expect it to be.

Pro-life leader and Susan B. Anthony List President Marjorie Dannenfelser, who is confident the bill will make it to Trump’s desk, said, “We want to be there for the woman, and we know we need a law to protect the children.”

She added, “The other thing that is different this time is that the president of the United States, who I talked with last night at the White House about this, considers it a high priority. So this has become now a national conversation, not just a conversation that you have off on the sidelines.”

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) noted, “Not only will passing this legislation keep a promise we made, but all the work is for the same goal: ending suffering and helping people live.”

Let’s just hope Congress does their job and protects the unborn – the most innocent amongst us.

How liberals can continue to campaign for genocide in 2017 – which is what abortion truly is – is reprehensible.

Source: Liberty Writers