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Moments After Betsy Devos Started Speaking At Harvard, Libs Showed Up And Did Something TERRIBLE

Harvard USED to be known as the greatest University in the entire world. It USED to graduate Presidents and business leaders. It USED to be respected and renowned for its elegance and commitment to education. What Happened today was a DISGRACE to all of those things.

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos was scheduled to speak at the Ivy League college today on School Choice. She figured Harvard was the PERFECT place to pitch her $1 billion plan to reform education around Charter Schools. Then it all came crashing down.

That’s when the Alt-Left came marching in. Within moments it became clear that Harvard has been overrun by the same Radical Leftists who have overtaken all of the Universities around the country.

Their signs read things like ‘Our students are not 4 sale,’ ‘white supremacist’ and ‘educational justice is racial justice.’ Clearly, these meaningless phrases are only meant to virtue call other Antifa SJWs.

Despite their attempts to ruin DeVos’s speech, she took it like a true champion and made it through the entire thing unphased.

She even had the wherewithal to do a Question and Answer portion with the protesters themselves after her speech. She answered all their biased questions and let them know exactly where she stands.

Look, I for one am very impressed with the way Secretary DeVos handled herself today. She deserved better but took it like a winner. Let’s give her a big “congratulations” by sharing this out and hopefully more conservatives will have the courage to speak out as a result.

Source: Liberty Writers