Trump Makes His Move, Great News for Christian Refugees Obama Ignored

Former President Barack Obama welcomed Muslim refugees into the Unites States with open arms during his time in office, urging concerned Americans to remain “tolerant” while some criminal immigrants wreaked havoc in American communities.

Of the thousands of Syrian refugees allowed to enter the country, few were Christian.

Under President Donald Trump, those days appear to be over.

Data from a Pew Research Center analysis, which was based on information from the State Department, showed that 9,598 Christians emigrated to the United States from Jan. 21 to June 30, compared to 7,250 Muslim refugees. The religious composition of refugees entering the country has been shifting on a monthly basis, the research noted.

At the end of the fiscal year, the research showed that the government had admitted some 53,000 refugees, which was less than half of Obama’s goal of 110,000 refugees.

The analysis found that the number of Muslims admitted to the U.S. had been on a monthly decline since Trump assumed office. In February, Muslims made up about 50 percent of refugees entering the country, while the number of Christian refugees was 41 percent. In June, that numbered shifted significantly, with Muslims making up 31 percent of arrivals and Christians at 57 percent.

CNS News reported that last month, just 913 refugees were admitted to the country, the first time the monthly amount of refugees was below 1,000 in 15 years.

“It’s impossible to escape the clear message that there’s a new sheriff in town,” said Matthew O’Brien, research director at the Federation for American Immigration Reform, according to The Washington Times.

New sheriff in town, indeed.

Trump’s departure from the previous administration is long overdue as Christians are one of the most persecuted groups in the world.

This change is another one of Trump’s campaign promises that he has kept, and frankly, we couldn’t be happier.

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Source: Conservative Tribune