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NFL Legend Burgess Owens Asked About Racially Charged Anthem Protests, Leaves Democrats Speechless

NFL legend Burgess Owens appeared on Fox News Thursday night to discuss the racially charged national anthem protests across the league — and he had some scorching words for Democrats.

Owens alleged the protesting NFL players had been tricked by a “political strategy” by Democrats that only creates more “misery” for black people.

He went on to note that “83 percent of black teen males [are] not working” and “77 percent of black men abandon their families.”

“I mean, I go through the litany of failure, and it’s all because of a Democratic socialist agenda to make sure that misery is used as political strategy,” Owens added.

But the former NFL safety really got passionate when he talked about what the American flag and the United States means to him:

“Let me tell you what the flag represents and what our country represents; it’ a place of hope, it’s a place of second chances, and we have these young men that are literally millionaires … with billions of dollars represented on that sideline, and they have no clue that we the people — they — are the solution, because they’ve been brought up in this socialist, liberal, Marxist environment in which they’re not given hope. […]

The Democratic Party has failed the black community for decades. I’m sick and tired of us being portrayed as a hapless race, that white people did all these things to us, because we don’t know our history. So let’s man up, learn our history, find out that not only did we give a lot to this country, but we got a lot from this country. We’re the freest country in the history of mankind.”

Owens had some words of praise for President Donald Trump, who he said helped bring the issue of Democrats “failing” the black community into the national conversation. He did not have kind words for former President Barack Obama.

“The problem we’re having in the black community is the lack of hope did not just appear over the last few months; it’s been eight, ten years; with a black president who never addressed the issues that are now happening in the black community,” he said.

Watch the segment via Fox News below.

Source: Conservative Daily