NFL Star Just Accused VP Mike Pence of ‘Systemic Oppression’ for Protesting Team’s Protest

San Francisco 49ers star Eric Reid is accusing Vice President Mike Pence of contributing to “systemic oppression” after he walked out of a Indianapolis Colts game on Sunday over members of the team keeling for the national anthem.

“Until somebody tells me that he goes to NFL games on a regular basis, I think this is a PR stunt because he knows our team has had the most players protest,” Reid said. “For me, that’s case in point for systemic oppression.”

Reid claimed Pence is a “powerful man” with a “huge following” and he’s using his platform to “confuse the message that we’re been working so hard to control the narrative on”:


President Donald Trump said he personally asked Pence to leave the stadium if any players kneeled during the national anthem. He said he was “proud” of the vice president for doing so:


Reid isn’t the only one to criticize Pence for his NFL walkout. Critics accused the vice president of planning the demonstration in advance:




But when it comes to the NFL’s national anthem controversy, the majority of Americans have made it clear that they disapprove of using the anthem as a platform to protest.

Source: Conservative Daily