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WISH GRANTED: Trump Just Said The One Thing About Puerto Rico NOBODY Else Would Say

The President has never had any issue when it comes to speaking his mind. Sure, it may make a lot of the Washington elites angry, but it’s the reason America elected him in the first place.

Now fast forward to Puerto Rico. It’s a US territory that was devastated by 2 massive hurricanes in a row. The media has been attacking Trump CONSTANTLY over his response. They lie with claims like “he won’t help them because they aren’t white” or because they aren’t republican or a number of other crazy notions.

There is just one problem with their story…It’s all a big lie! Not only that, now the President himself is fighting back.

He isn’t wrong to say what he did. The President has been working with FEMA and Puerto Rican officials on the disaster relief since before the storms hit.

Many of Puerto Rica’s leaders, including their Democrat governor, have all praised the fantastic relief efforts on the Island. The recovery is not as simple as a mainland disaster like Texas or Louisianna.

They had to remove trees and boulders from destroyed roads, then fix those roads, just to begin moving supplies into different communities. On an island with ports that were essentially destroyed, that’s not a remotely simple task.

Trump want’s his word to get out because, frankly, he wants the People to hear his side of the story of our country.

Source: Liberty Writers