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NFL Owners Are So Mad at Jerry Jones Over Anthem That They’re Talking About Yanking Team From Him

The empire has begun to strike back against Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones.

Jones, who is the bigger-than-life owner of the top NFL franchise, has threatened to sue to stop the league from re-upping commissioner Roger Goodell’s contract and has been outspoken in opposing players who sit or kneel for the national anthem.

In reply, there are now reports that other NFL owners are thinking of ways to get back at the powerful Cowboys owner. They’ve talked about what could only be called the third rail of the NFL: taking away his team.

The Dallas Morning News reports that the owner of the richest franchise in sport had been an ad hoc member of commissioner’s selection committee but was just removed by Falcon’s owner Arthur Blank after he heard about Jones’s possible lawsuit.

The Morning News reports that Jones is concerned about Goodell’s compensation package and other issues:

“Jones has grown increasingly concerned about the structure and compensation of Goodell’s proposed contract.

[ … ]

Blank, according to a report Sunday by Sports Illustrated writer Peter King, was “shocked” and “disappointed” by Jones’ threat to sue the league, telling the Cowboys owner, “We may have differences, but this is not the way we resolve them. This is not the way we do things in the NFL.”

The news about NFL owners pondering what 24/7 Sports calls “the nuclear option,” seems timed to bring the Cowboys owner to heel:

“The bigger takeaway here isn’t necessarily whether it would get that far or not, but more so the fact it’s being reportedly even being discussed and/or whispered about in private. This shows just how upset other NFL owners are at Jones for attempting to muscle the handling of Goodell, despite his reasoning being sound.

Jones has crossed swords before with Goodell over his flaccid leadership on the national anthem protest. Jones told players that if they disrespect the flag they won’t play. Goodell has sent mixed messages about the protest, seemingly siding with players while at the same time saying he’d like them to stand for the anthem.

Jones was just inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame earlier this year and has been credited with “changing the way the NFL does business,” so the timing of this discussion is, to say the least, awkward.

Source: Conservative Daily