Soldier Spots ‘Lone Man’ At Arlington Cemetery On Veteran’s Day, Who It Was Will Give You Goosebumps

It was a crisp fall day at Arlington National Cemetery yesterday when Army veteran David Brown went to visit two friends who were laid to rest there. While the vet was paying respects to his fallen heroes, he noticed another man all alone in the cemetery not too far, but away from all the cameras. Brown was intrigued by who this lone man was and who he was visiting which prompted Brown to walk over and speak to the lonely man in the cemetery. As Brown got closer to the single gentleman, he was taken aback when he discovered who he was and that was just the beginning.

Veterans Day is a holiday that honors our nation’s veterans that are both living and who have passed away. It is for that reason that Arlington National Cemetery is a popular destination for many people to visit to pay respect to our nation’s heroes. One of those people who attended the famed cemetery was Army veteran David Brown who has two friends laid to rest there. While the majority of the visitors stayed close to President John F. Kennedy’s Eternal Flame and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, Brown was in Section 60, where recently fallen service members are buried.

Army veteran David Brown



The scene in this area was much quieter with families scattered near the grave markers of their loved ones paying their respects. That is where Brown’s two friends were laid to rest describing them in a Facebook post as “one of whom hardened me into a soldier,” and the other “helped soften me into a leader.”

That is when Brown noticed a lone man in the corner of the cemetery away from everyone. Brown began to walk closer to the gentleman, and that is when he saw who it was. The man was retired U.S. Marine Corps General James Mattis, who is secretary of defense under President Donald Trump. At first, Brown stated that he was surprised to see Mattis there, but then after further reflection, he realized he could not imagine him being anywhere else.