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Trump ‘Slurred’ His Speech at End of Major Israel Announcement, And Now the Internet Has Theories

Wednesday was one of the most important days in President Donald Trump’s first year in office. He announced that the U.S. would recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and move its embassy there.

The focus today should be on this historic change and its implications, but Trump’s detractors have keyed in on one particular aspect of the speech in which he announced the decision.

At the end of his announcement, he appeared to slur his last sentence, saying, “And God bless the United Shtates.” Now, the internet is booming with theories as to why this happened.


The president’s detractors have long been looking for proof of his declining mental health, and they saw the slip-up in his speech as an opportunity to pounce.

Instantly, Twitter was lit up with Trump theories:






Hillary Clinton’s health was also scrutinized during her presidential campaign. The public never learned exactly what was going on, but the infamous WikiLeaks emails revealed that her health was a topic of discussion within her campaign.

Source: Conservative Daily