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A Year in Internet Flamethrowers: President Trump’s Wildest Tweets of 2017

President Donald Trump can’t lay off Twitter. He was fairly active on the social media platform before he announced his run for the presidency, and made good use of his fame throughout the campaign.

Despite criticism from many over the frequency and tone of his tweets, Trump has said that he couldn’t stop even if he wanted to — Twitter is one of the only recourses he has to help fight the narrative driven by unfriendly media sources.

He has certainly made use of Twitter throughout his first year in the Oval Office — and a quick year in review highlights some of his best/most controversial moments.

January — tweeted as thousands of women gathered in protest the weekend after his Inauguration:


February — that time the president of the United States called the mainstream media “the enemy of the American people”:


March — his infamous wiretapping allegations against former President Barack Obama:



April — a preview of coming attractions:


May — that time Trump told other NATO nations to pull their own weight:


June — a swipe at CNN:


July — the transgender military ban:




August — “talking is not the answer” with North Korea:


September — the NFL season kicked off with a bang:


Bonus: Kim Jong Un gets a new nickname:


October — that time the Russia dossier stung the DNC and Clintons:


November — the announcement of the “FAKE NEWS” trophy:


December — that time he triggered just about everyone with a swipe at climate change:


As the president himself said via Twitter, naturally, “What a year it’s been!”


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