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Top World Leader Said Obama Is ‘Narcissistic’ And ‘Self-Absorbed’, Obama’s Furious

Former Democratic President Barack Obama loved to give the impression, aided by the liberal-biased media, that he was beloved all over the globe and respected by other world leaders.

Obama worked hard to try to meet with as many world leaders as he could, as he was on an eight year nonstop world apology tour, bowing before other rulers and telling them how sorry he and all Americans were for how former Republican President George W. Bush allegedly mistreated them.

However, according to Steve Hilton, ex-advisor to Britain’s former Prime Minister David Cameron, the truth of the matter is that Obama rubbed many world leaders the wrong way. Hilton recently gave an interview with Britain’s Daily Mail newspaper where he shared what then-Prime Minister Cameron thought of Obama while he was in office. 

Stated the article, “David Cameron thought Barack Obama was one of the ‘most narcissistic, self-absorbed people’ he had ever dealt with, his former strategy guru has claimed. While in office the two leaders had a cosy bromance and were pictured high-fiving and playing rounds of golf and ping pong together.”

It continued, “But Steve Hilton tore into Mr Obama for thinking he was ‘smarter’ than everyone else in the room. And he claimed that his old boss Mr Cameron would get wound up by the ex President’s self absorption.” Are you at all surprised that Britain’s former Prime Minister thought Obama was off-putting and arrogant?

Source: Conservative 101

2 Replies to “Top World Leader Said Obama Is ‘Narcissistic’ And ‘Self-Absorbed’, Obama’s Furious

  1. Obama was the worst thing that happened to America. It set everyone back 8 years plus extra time to erase all the over reach that he enacted. He also stole from the coffers that he could get to! Next to Hillary, he is the biggest crook we have had in a while!

  2. Not surprised at all at this assessment of BHO. While in college it was said if you had a different
    opinion than him on something, he would just walk away! Also as president, Obama would only take advice from Jarrett and would not listen to his generals on the ground! Totally narcissistic and a dufus.

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