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American astronauts are going back to the moon, Mars under Trump’s new directive

On Monday, President Donald Trump signed the “Space Policy Directive 1,” a directive that orders NASA to start sending American astronauts back to the moon and eventually to Mars. “The President listened to the National Space Council’s recommendations and he will change our nation’s human spaceflight policy to help America become the driving force for […]

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Lou Dobbs Just BROKE And Told The World Obama And Hillary’s Massive Secret Scandal

Fox News Lou Dobbs had on the author of “Clinton Cash” Peter Schweizer on Friday to talk about the Deep State attack on our elected President. “There is no clear statement as to why we would give up, for any reason, any price, 20% of our uranium in this country. And that is a question […]


Liberal Democrat Presidents Carter, Clinton and Obama are to Blame for Nefarious Regimes Holding Nukes

The last three Democrat Presidents have been terrible for the US but great for the leaders running Pakistan, North Korea and Iran. Pakistan President Jimmy Carter in the late 1970’s had no idea how to prevent the predominantly Muslim country Pakistan from obtaining nuclear weapons. In 2010 it was reported that: “Despite a persistent anxiety over its nuclear […]

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Jared Kushner Just Did The Ingenius That Blew Everyone Away

  Jared Kushner Just Did The Ingenius That Blew Everyone Away We’ve all heard by now that Jared Kushner, President Trump’s son-in-law and his senior advisor, is one of the people who is being investigated regarding alleged collusion with Russia. And, as intelligent people do when they are under investigation for criminal conduct, they hire […]